Join the "Slot Club" and "Player Benefits" offered by the casino. These programs offer rewards based on the amount you play, and you also have the opportunity to benefit from additional benefits. Compare the incentives of different casinos and sites and choose based on the best perks and giveaways for you.

  • Members may be able to get additional offers by email or online. During the casino "off-season," it is common to try to attract users with free play, free food, and/or free hotel stay. So if you're going to spend your own money, you might want to sign up. In any case, check the player desk daily to find out about daily promotions and special offers; many aren't advertised online.
  • If you're new to the casino, take a walk around to understand the facilities. Especially if you are staying at a hotel, look around. Generally, casinos are laid out with games in the center and services in the periphery. Check the location of the toilet and emergency entrance. Know where your main aisle is in case you get lost. Also, check the overhead signs that show the various areas and how to get back to where you are.


Understand what you are seeing

There are different types of machines that have different paybacks, popularity, and playing methods, but the mechanisms are generally the same. Here are some things you need to know about how it works:

  • Payment can be made with past refund tickets, member cards, or cash. Often past refund tickets can be placed in the same slot where cash can be inserted. Most machines accept 5$, 10$, 20$, 50$, 100$ bills, but some machines accept 1$ bills. These areas are shining, so you shouldn't miss them. If the place where you want to insert the bill is not shining, it is either in need of repair or you are out of cash and are ready to accept new bills. Press the help or service button to call an attendant.
  • Most machines no longer give out coins. If you're looking for a tray of coins, you might be looking for a long time. The new machine uses the TITO (ticket entry/exit) system. Some casinos have returned to the coin-based method in areas where the limit is high. This is because playing with coins takes less time than inserting paper. However, for machines with denominations of $500 or more, you need a ticket to play.
  • For certain variations of the game, this is indicated on the glass above the screen. This information includes the type of game, payout for one spin, and details on the jackpot. If you have this information, read it before you get to your seat. Some machines may clearly be better than others. Machines are grouped by denomination, style, and brand name. Video slot games have a button called Help or Information that will help you to learn about various payouts, pay lines, bonus games, and special offers.
  • 各々のマシーンの上部には「キャンドル」と呼ばれるライトが付いています。このキャンドルはデノミネーションを示す色になっているだけでなく、サービスが必要な状態を係員に知らせる機能も果たしています。キャンドルは、必要なサービスや、マシーンになされたエントリ、ジャックポット、扉が適切に締まったいない場合、そして他の機能に応じて特定のパターンで光るようになっています。
  • 「キャッシュアウト」ボタンを見つけましょう。このボタンは、意識も曖昧な状態から解放されて、窓と、時計、そして無料でないソーダの世界に戻ってくるためのボタンです。このボタンを押すと賞金が計算されてチケットが発行されます。このチケットをキャッシャーまたは払戻償還機に入れる事ができます-もちろん勝った場合はです。このチケットはいわば無記名証券なので;持っている人ならだれでも引き換える事ができるという事に注意しましょう。ですから、現金化する際は失くさないようにしましょう。他人のチケットをフロアや他の場所でみつけたとしても、引き換えようとしないでください;セキュリティや他の係員に提出しましょう。全てのチケットには番号と時間が記載されており、自分のものでないチケットを現金化しようとすればトラブルが発生したり、施設から退場させらたりする可能性があります!



スロット ゲームでは、短い間に驚くほど多額の資金をベットする事ができます。 事実、スロットは一部のテーブルゲームよりも速く展開する事があります。50¢でプレーできるマシーンもあれば、プレーするために5$必要なマシーンもあります。胃が痛くならない金額を見つけられませんか?

  • 一般的に、ジャックポットを当てるために高めのベット額が必要なら、その金額をベットしましょう(ジャックポットを獲得できなければプレーする意味がありません)。ですから、祖父母の遺産を使いこむつもりがないなら、1¢や、5¢、もしくは2¢でプレーできるスロット ゲームにしておいたほうがいいかもしれません。 そうすれば同じ資金でもより長い時間プレーする事ができます!
  • 殆どのカジノは、こういったマシーンをセクションに分けてレイアウトしています。「5¢」や、「25¢」、または「1¢」と表示された大きな電光掲示板があるはずです。カジノが迷路みたいな構造になっている場合は(一部のカジノは意図的に迷路のような構造されています)、ウェイトレスや係員に道案内を頼みましょう。一般的に5$以上を求められる限度額の高いスロット ゲームは、独自の係員およびキャッシャーと共に別室または「サロン」に配置されています。

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  • The idea of a "hot" machine does not work theoretically either. Realistically speaking, slot games are like dice. If you get a 6 for the fourth time in a row, you might feel like you're not going to get a 6 next, but the probability is that the other numbers are 6 as well. Each time you roll the dice, it returns to its original state. And so is the slot game. For slot games, the casino simply needs a huge number of spins to reach the number of payouts. Unless you want to risk your money and change your life, there's no point in considering that.



Please check the numbers on the machine carefully before playing.

You may end up spending more money than you think and not realizing until it's too late. It's a good idea to focus on the bet counter and try not to bet more than you think. Even though I thought it was a 1¢machine, I may bet much more due to carelessness.




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